R&D Services

Fractus Antennas is leading the industry in the design, simulation, integration, optimization and testing of miniature antennas. We produce reliable and high quality antennas for smartphones, wireless consumer, and connected IoT devices worldwide.

Wireless Fast Track
Need an antenna design for your product in 24h? Try our Wireless Fast-Track service and you’ll get a ready-to-test antenna design for your Mobile/IoT device. Free of Charge. Within the next working day. The design will include an off-the-shelf and tiny Virtual AntennaTM component specially selected for your application and a customized matching network specifically designed by the NN Engineering Team. Use the Wireless Fast Track Tool, it´s the easiest, the fastest and a free path to go wireless.
1. Fill a form, 2. Submit it, 3. Get your answer in 24h*

Chip Antenna Integration
Space, size and cost parameters can place significant constraints on chip antenna performance. Fractus Antennas RF experts can review any customer design and provide recommendations to maximize the antenna performance. By optimizing the layout and schematics, Fractus Antennas enables you to develop devices which deliver the best cost/performance connectivity. Read more
Antenna matching and optimization
The matching process is one of the most important steps in the antenna design and is fundamental to delivering an optimized multi-band experience. The multi-band antenna matching process requires both extensive RF and antenna testing expertise and specialized antenna test and measurement equipment. Fractus Antennas offers a matching service to customers, enabling you to ensure the best antenna performance for every specific device. Read more
Antenna Test
Combining deep antenna design expertise with specialist antenna testing equipment, Fractus Antennas offers customers the capability to perform chip antenna measurement in their own device. By conducting custom antenna testing in our anechoic chamber, Fractus Antennas make design recommendations based on measurements of an antenna’s radiation pattern including antenna gain, directivity, and efficiency, impedance or VSWR, bandwidth, and polarization, correlation, and multiplex antenna efficiency.
RF Design
RF design is about more than performance – it is about optimizing that performance within the confines and limitations imposed on it by the physical space inside the device. From antenna location and clearance area to the location of other components such as batteries, LCDs, speakers and shieldings, to electromagnetic simulations of VSWR, radiation patterns and gain for analysis and design, Fractus Antennas RF experts can help you with the full service design support to maximize your antenna performance.

CAD Design and Analysis
Because your wireless device is unique, Fractus Antennas uses cutting-edge electromagnetic CAD tools to analyze your device and provide antenna design recommendations. Starting from your printed circuit board and internal architecture design, we can detect design bottlenecks, predict RF performance and provide a recommendation on antenna placement, clearance and integration features so that your overall connectivity performance is optimized.