Consultancy on Antenna Integration

At Fractus Antennas we know every single device is different. For this reason, if you are involved in a project where the antenna requirements are not easy enough we are ready to help you. Our Engineering Team can support you from beginning to the end of the design process, from initial specs to final engineering layouts. Your new wireless device idea together with our miniature off-the-shelf antenna products and our fully customized antenna integration service, is the perfect match for your next project.

Consultancy on Antenna Integration – NN-S-2.1
Deliverable Consultancy on Antenna Integration
Service Scope RF/Antenna Engineering Services for the Integration of NN’s chip antenna components
Customized RF solutions for specific wirless product designs
Service might include CAD simulations, prototyping and testing on anechoic chamber
Billing upon hourly rate of NN’s antenna expert
Alternative/Local service available from NN’s Approved Design Partners
Delivery Time 4-6 weeks
Code NN-S-2.1
Price Ask for Quotation
(*) Terms & Conditions Delivery time estimated. Dependant on project definition and scope.
Service available for the integration of any off-the-shelf NN’s chip antenna products. No antenna customization
Cost of NN-S-2.1 is minimized if a free of charge Wireless Fast-Track was previously conducted and implemented

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