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November 21, 2019

TRIO mXTEND™, the antenna designed to fit all IoT sizes

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Barcelona, November 21, 2019 – FRACTUS ANTENNAS has released a new application note to show how Virtual Antenna™ technology enables different IoT designs so easy that it doesn’t matter the size of the printed circuit board, the antenna is always the same. NN demonstrates how easy is to choose the antenna for an IoT project by using a unique chip antenna component, the TRIO mXTEND™ chip antenna component. Within this application note, engineers can check how the TRIO mXTEND™, the ultra-slim, off the shelf component of only 1.0 mm height, can fit different board sizes by only adjusting its matching network. It also works... +
November 13, 2019

Fractus Antennas at the European Utility Week Paris

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Barcelona, November 13, 2019 – The FRACTUS ANTENNAS Team is at the European Utility Week in Paris this week. Smart meters and energy devices need to be small and they need to be designed as quick as possible, including wireless connectivity therefore then need a versatile antenna to fit in about all of them. By using Virtual Antenna™ technology for energy devices the designer can forget antenna size, antenna shape, antenna placement, even antenna frequency, the antenna is now an off-the-shelf chip component ready to match any wireless design. Congress attendees can discover Virtual Antenna™, the technology that enables worldwide full... +
October 15, 2019

Embedded antennas for IoT webinar by Nordic Semiconductor and Fractus Antennas

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Barcelona, October 15, 2019 – FRACTUS ANTENNAS and Nordic Semiconductor present a webinar focused on the embedded antenna inside the Thingy:91. The webinar will give an introduction to embedded antennas for any IoT project, in this case, based on TRIO mXTEND™, part of the Virtual Antenna™ family by Fractus Antennas. TRIO mXTEND™ provides worldwide connectivity from 700 MHz up to 2200 MHz and GPS in one single antenna component. Registration to the webinar, October 17, is open now and it will be divided into 3 different parts: practicalities, a Nordic Thingy:91 brief and the how-to integrate the antenna into an IoT device, the most... +
October 3, 2019

Cellular IoT design with embedded Virtual Antenna™ at the IoT Solutions World Congress

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Barcelona, October 03, 2019 – FRACTUS ANTENNAS and Richardson RFPD will be at the IoT Solutions World Congress together to show how easy is to design cellular IoT platforms with an embedded antenna. Congress attendees can discover Virtual Antenna™ at Hall 2, Stand A132, the technology that enables worldwide full performance and connectivity in all the frequency bands of operation for the Internet of Things. Therefore, Virtual Antenna™ technology also enables a fast and easy cellular IoT design for all the possible applications: smart cities, smart factories, smart grid, smart metering, smart tracking, smart agriculture and all possible smart things need a versatile antenna.... +
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